Getting Busy in Covid-19 time..

Fashion, books, friends, music love during covid........... Hi hi . How are you guys holding up? Hope boredom has not drained you up yet or you are not just feeling it yet?. Personally, I am over this process, Iā€™m in "arghh" mood and also struggling to come up with a new blogpost but I am … Continue reading Getting Busy in Covid-19 time..


Ā CONCEPTĀ  HEADWRAP WRAPPED WHITE DRESS FASHIONABLEĀ Ā ROPES PLANTAIN LEAF BACKDROP I decided to have a quick editorial shoot to have a different concept of what I do. Heritage Queen speaks about how African women are basically. We're independent, classy and a few are feminist, etc. Beautiful women have come a long way in being quite adventurous … Continue reading HERITAGE QUEEN